Title: Between and BETWIXT

Materials/Technique: Poster. Text (stream of consciousness). Designed in Illustrator.

Size: A2

When: April 2015

Where: E.G.O. (Envelope Gallery Oslo) presented the group exhibition at GalleriNeuf, Oslo

e.g.o is an annual, ambulant gallery in envelopes.

Envelope Gallery Oslo focuses on presenting tendencies and views of artists from different nationalities. We are free from traditional gallery boundaries and the boarders of nations. e.g.o. presents the artists voice, and we correspond this energy by traditional postal service.

e.g.o. was established by the Norwegian artists Tina Lindvall and Håkon Gåre in 2014.

Our method is somewhat like this: We annually invite around 10 artists from around the world to send us 11 works (copies or originals). We then divide the artists works in envelopes, making 10 individual envelopes with – well – works by 10 different artists in each envelope. The envelopes are later redistributed to different, unaware recipients around the world. The recipients are free to do what they want with the content. We keep one work for our Envelope Gallery Archive.

In March 2015 we presented the content of our first envelopes. The topic guideline was Between and BETWIXT and we exhibited at the Oslo based gallery Galleri Neuf. We were honoured to also be presenting an introduction to mail art by Ina Blom, professor in Art History at the University in Oslo.

Participating artists: • Aleksandra Polerowicz (PL) • Danuta Haremska (PL) • Grzegorz Bozek (PL) • hÅkon gÅre (N) • Hans Hamid Rasmussen (N) • Jaroslaw Szeleste (PL) • Margrethe Pettersen (N) • Matilda Björkne (S) • Rebecca Onstad (N) • Stine Bråthen (N) • Tina Lindvall (N)

Introduction to mail art by Ina Blom, professor in Art History at the University in Oslo.
Welcoming speech by representative from GalleriNeuf.